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Hunters in The Lord of the Rings Online are a ranged, physical damage dealing class. They are good at dealing phenomenal numbers of damage on single targets in particular.

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Due to a small number of relatively weak healing skills, the fact they use medium armor and that vitality only provides 3 morale points per vitality point, as well as the lack of defensive buffs makes survivability often somewhat of a challenge when soloing difficult content, compared to most other classes. The melee damage output of a hunter is negligible.

Find The Path is a toggle-on skill that will increase the run speed of the hunters and all fellowship members within a meter radius. The third distinctive ability that hunters have is the ability to track enemies particularly useful against stealthy enemies. When levelling up, the gearing priority lies mostly with upgrading your bow every so often. It is also multiplied by your total number of physical mastery. This statistic is provided by agility. Other factors to look out for are: physical mastery and critical rating.

On the next step in the hierarchy would be fate, morale and vitality. Virtues are gained by completing certain deeds, such as slayer deeds, discovery deeds and questing deeds. As such, it is a good idea to pick a number of virtues that seem interesting Tip: Innocence, Honour, Charity, Determination and Tolerance are a great set of virtues to have as a hunter and look up on the Lotro Wiki which quest deeds provide these virtues.

You will be happy you did! The hunter has three stances that can be toggled on: Strength, Precision and Endurance. Strength stance will give you a ranged damage boost, Precision stance will give you a critical magnitude boost as well as when traited building up 3 focus points every 5 seconds. Endurance stance gives a parry and evade buff and power cost reduction and is the least popular of the three stances. The Huntsman trait tree focuses on speed.

It offers possibilities to reduce induction times, increase your out-of-combat run speed and offers buffs for focus consumer skills, which have no inductions. The main characteristic that sets this trait tree apart from others is that it gives the hunter the ability to move while performing damaging skills without focus penalty.

This trait tree is since update 19 the best option for high sustained damage output by quite a margin. Most end-game hunters who participate to challenging content raids, PvMP are specialized at blue line and are geared specifically to accommodate the Huntsman trait tree.

The Bowmaster trait tree gives the hunter the strongest initial damage burst. In the first few seconds, a red hunter can do devastating amounts of damage on any mob, though it ends up being somewhat lackluster on a sustained basis. This trait tree offers traits that maximize the damage that a single skill can do.For solo questing, every class can reasonably get you through to the end, killing enemies quickly or slowly. When it comes to instances with a fellowship, some classes will be pushed to supporting roles.

If you want to be on the front lines and deal out the most damage, choose one of the strongest classes in LOTRO. S Tier: Dish out damage and take hits without problems. Very little will be able to stop them in their quest to destroy the enemy.

The fearsome Warden preparing for battle. Using the power of Gambits, Wardens can build up to strong abilities to blast their enemies away, generating more power with each increasing Builder.

Hunter Class Guide (U19)

When their Fellowship is busy, Wardens have self-healing skills to keep them in the fight even longer. Mauling an Orc to death as a bear is extra fun with the Beorning class. Wrath, which replaces power, is built up with every blow to the enemy. There are also tons of buff skills to make your melee damage higher and bring your morale up.

Guardians are inspired by Samwise Gamgee. Take on a swarm of enemies and lose little health playing as a Guardian. Using the DPS melee abilities in the red line, this class can push through swarms of enemies with little to no damage. A skill like Hammer Down can deal a critical hit on an opponent while a skill like Brutal Assault can cause a bleeding effect for increased damage. Champion gazing over Minas Tirith.

The Fervour built up through your skills delivers the power to complete higher-level attacks. With their exceptional melee skills and ranged bow skills, they can tactically take down a group of wargs and their orc counterparts. The strongest and most sought after trait line is the Bowmaster red line.

This is a stationary, ranged skill line using high DPS to down enemies in a shower of arrows. Focus is used in edition to power for higher damaging skills, like Upshot, which uses all remaining focus to deal additional damage.

Powering up for a deadly attack. True magic can be a force of power and promote healing which is exactly what the Rune-Keeper class does. DPS is strong and includes stackable damage to inflict deadly power on enemies. A skill like Combustion will annihilate your enemies using firepower. A Captain and their Fellowship taking on the Turtle. High-level Captains can even summon an archer for ranged combat. A skill like Standard of War will deal heavy damage to the enemy and heighten the damage your allies can inflict.

Never go anywhere without your trusted pet. Bring your favorite pet along to have them distract and demolish your enemies with the Lore-Master class.

You will excel in fights by having a strong tanking pet, who will take the damage for you as you debuff the enemy. In instances, the Lore-Master is more known for crowd-control, which limits the enemy's abilities by debuffing them. Healing your Fellowship is key to being a Minstrel.

While this class has some great damage skills solo, healing would be your main skill in instances. When using the red line skills, you can deal out strong light damage using Songs of Power through your instrument.Lord of the Rings Online has consistently released new gameplay in the form of quest packs, expansions, races, and classes.

Believe it or not, the race of your character can have an impact on how well the class you choose plays through your active and passive skills. The best combos of races and classes might make your decision a little easier.

Having the shortest lifespan and easily falling for dark emotions of betrayal and ambition, the Race of Man may seem like the weakest race. But they are considered the most courageous and honorable of the races, as well as having the highest survivability in battle.

They are destined to rule and their racial skills prove it. The naturally long lives of the Elves have made them both wise and cautious of the world. They have been through many wars and have seen the devastation they bring, which caused them to seclude themselves from the world with many leaving Middle-Earth. They may be subject to increased sorrow, but their increased resistance to disease and their remembrance of the Eldar has given them enough to fight with.

lotro builds

Their greed has a way of getting them into trouble, but you would never have to worry about a dwarf running from a battle. Deep places are where many dwarves have found their homes, especially in places where treasures lie. Their craftiness in weaponry rivals some of the best blacksmiths in the world.

Hobbits are often seen as simple folk, those who enjoy parties, smoking, and eating. Their Hobbit holes are where they enjoy life and where many ignore the ongoing war in Middle-Earth. Though small in stature, they have a strong heart. They have a natural resistance to fear and corruption, making them the perfect race to go into battle and come out on the other side. Possessing the beauty of Valinor, these graceful elves have mostly gone to the Undying Lands to live out the rest of their days.

Some remain behind in an effort to see the world rid of the evil that currently corrupts it. They prefer the quiet of peace where their regeneration is the strongest, but their strength will push them through every fight.

If your hatred of orcs is strong, the Beorning race may be the one for you. They are descendants of ancient Man, prefer living in the wilderness away from others and love all things nature. Widely known as Skin-Changers, they are the only race who can change into a bear at will. This also means the only class available is the Beorning class.

lotro builds

Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 23 Nov am. BY: Samantha Keeney. Match your race and class for the best benefits. Race of Man Creating your Race of Man character Having the shortest lifespan and easily falling for dark emotions of betrayal and ambition, the Race of Man may seem like the weakest race. Wardens have high morale already, which means additional Might will reduce incoming damage and increase any outgoing damage.

Healing also gets a huge boost, which will keep your Warden in the fight longer.The less I have the happier I am. Keep in mind that I do understand that these may not be the best builds for the future instances or at allbut we have to start from somewhere and this is what I will be tweaking if needed.

Also, this article will be showing you the numbers that you can achieve, not the individual items and traits how to achieve those. The plug-in used to show the stats is Titan Bars.

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Please keep in mind that the plug-in is outdated and is not showing correct percentages and caps. Some swaps for getting finesse higher for distracts.

Warden dps is in a pretty bad place right now. Further reasons are the bad legacies. We also lost the armour sets which gave more DoTs and stronger bleeds. Bad crafted relics applies to all the classes, not only Wardens. You could consider using two pieces of gear from Osgiliath to get additional two DoT pulses, but… You lose a lot.

A disclaimer for the tanking warden build though… This build is missing five essences. Remains to be seen if I will be using vitality essences or incoming healing essences. This will depend on what morale will be needed for tanking the new instances.

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A disclaimer for Captain too… Captain is using some landscape drops level and some Rare chest drops level and These are the mitigations jewelry pieces that you can not really barter anywhere and they are pretty good, but you lose some vitality and might. I also still need to get some teal shield, right now I have only a purple one to use untill I get something better.

Mordor landscape has a great Captain shield with Outgoing healing for a stat if you play a blue Captain or even for tanking if bpe is not a thing for that fight. You may want to build your Captain for more dps. If you drop some mitigation essences you can get more critical rating or physical mastery in. As a dps you should probably be fine if you are not overcapped, but I like to play the captain as a support class, not dps. The gear used in these examples, with only a few exceptions, is the gear that I have described in my previous article.

lotro builds

So please check that one out. The essences used are the Shadowed essences, except for incoming healing on Captain, since those give the same number all across the board. I would love if this stayed like it was before, that the stat essences give more mastery.

The reason I liked that and the reason I like that vitality is good now is because stats always influence more stats than the raw increase to morale for example. Designed by Elegant Themes Powered by Wordpress. Home LIVE! Donate About Us Join Us! Mordor Light armour mitigations: 62, Medium armour mitigations: 70, Heavy amour mitigations: 77, The following have only t1 caps. And this is the new one with some tweaks.

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Contains unread posts Contains no unread posts Hot thread with unread posts Hot thread with no unread posts Thread is closed You have posted in this thread. Posting Permissions.Tanking can be one of the most demanding builds you can make. Not only does every Fellowship need one, but they are key in keeping the enemies away from your healers and other supporting classes. They are always on the front lines and use taunts, buffs, and other attacks to weaken your foes and strengthen your allies.

With high morale and heavy damage, there are three classes that stand out in the crowd for tanking: Guardian, Warden, and Captain. Guardians are exactly what their name suggests: they keep others safe.

They are also unrivaled with their tanking ability, especially with the blue and yellow trait lines. You will focus on keeping the threat level up, which keeps the enemies on you and debuffing to weaken them.

Defense and stamina are your most valued skills, to keep you alive and attacking for as long as necessary. This damage dealer can be great for taking on the tanking role. In the lore, they are primarily protecting the lands from ferocious animals and other foes. This goes hand-in-hand with tanking in raids. Just like Guardians, morale is high and defense is key. As the most versatile class, it makes sense that the Captain would fall in the Tank category. They are considered leaders in the lore and focus on strengthening their allies.

Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 23 Nov am. BY: Samantha Keeney.

lotro builds

Make the strongest Tank possible to survive the longest Tanking can be one of the most demanding builds you can make. Yellow Line: When you play a DPS role, the Yellow line skills work best with two-handed weapons and strong AoE skills Fray the Edge, Engage, Challenge, and Improved Challenge are the primary taunts to increase your threat level, drawing enemies away from your Fellowship and towards you.

These skills also give an opening to your Fellowship to complete a Manoeuver. Mitigations are what make you a tank. Physical mitigations decrease the amount of damage you take from physical sources, like blades. Tactical mitigations reduce the damage you take from sources like lightning and fire.LOTRO is a game designed to offer a variety of play experiences, and soloing is very viable for all of the Classes. It is not necessary to choose a particular class to solo effectively, although some classes are more enjoyable to solo with than others.

Preview: Tank and hybrid tank classes tend to be the best classes for solo leveling. This is simply due to their sheer survivability in solo combat against a strong single mob or multiple mobs. Pure dps, crowd-control, and healing classes require more thought and positioning to be successful in solo leveling.

However, it is important to remember that all classes should be wary against facing large numbers of mobs at once at lower levels and that each individual should choose his or her own class based on their play-style and preferences.

Guide to Playing Solo

Furthermore, all classes are very useful in group play. There are plenty of soloable quests in the game of LOTRO that makes it completely feasible to level all the way to the level cap even without doing fellowship quests, instances, or even entire regions.

The quest journal and more importantly the quest tracker are very helpful tools in determining what quests are available and where.

LOTRO: Hunter Gameplay 2019 - ALL Specs (Lord of the Rings Online)

Generally, as a solo character you'll tend to avoid fellowship and small fellowship quests unless your character is several levels higher or you feel confident that you can successfully complete the quest. Fellowship quests often require players to defeat strong mobs and mini-bosses that are almost impossible to solo on-level.

In general, advancement as a solo player is a bit slower than with a good Fellowship but soloing offers much greater flexibility, especially for casual players without longer blocks of play time.

If you don't mind the occasional PUG Pick Up Groupthen set yourself a goal to complete a series of Fellowship quests before moving on to another area. Otherwise, keep on that solo path and the best of luck to you! A character's gear becomes increasingly important as his or her level increases. At the beginning levels, the quality of your gear is a negligible factor and should not adversely affect your effectiveness in soloing nor occupy any significant amount of your attention and effort.

However, at the mid-to-high levels, decent gear is recommended for smooth and effective gameplay and is often fairly easily acquired through quests, crafting, or purchases at the Auction House. It is advised that you do not spend large amounts of time and resources obtaining top tier on-level gear unless you are at the level cap as you will simply out-level the gear in a short time and find better gear that can be more easily required or requires even more resources.

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There is an enormous boost in stats from upon reaching level 75 to maxing out your characters traits and gear so there is no need to feel discouraged if you aren't satisfied at where you character is at even at level From Lotro-Wiki. Class Overview Preview: Tank and hybrid tank classes tend to be the best classes for solo leveling. Burglars have the ability to sneak attack and later in levels to hide in plain sight.

However, it should be noted that this class is very positionally oriented and players may spent a great deal of time simply getting behind an enemy to deal maximum damage. In addition, enemy mobs automatically turn to face an attacker once aggroed - thereby negating the burglar's positional advantage very quickly unless stunned - which will also usually only last for a few seconds.

Furthermore, and combat against multiple enemies very difficult. They are best employed in groups in which their debuff and crowd-control skills can be utilized to the maximum. Burglars should gear primarily towards Agility and then either Vitality or Fate. While Vitality improves raw survivability, Fate improves Critical rating, in-combat power regeneration, and in-combat morale regeneration. Captains are good for solo leveling as they can heavily buff themselves and their pet though most captains switch to using banners as soon as possible.

Captains use heavy armor and have numerous abilities that allow them to effectively dps and heal. Captains should gear primarily towards Might and then Vitality.

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